Benefits of TIAMO Education

Benefits of TIAMO Education

Let’s make a travel in time.  Consider 2020s as the university period of your child, in Turkey it will be the years when everyone graduating from high school would attend a university.  In other words, everyone will be university graduate.  So who will be able to find job?


By the TIAMO education, balanced development of right and left brain lobes of your child is enabled.   The individuals whose right and left brain lobes develop in parallel are more productive, and they find more solutions against problems.

Your child's concentration and attention skills develop by the TIAMO education. He will not make operation mistakes in the exams along his life.

By the TIAMO education, s/he responds to mathematical operations with the speed of calculator.

S/he will have leadership skills as s/he will respond the questions within the class very quickly.

S/he can allocate time to herself/himself as s/he will be able to complete her/his homework faster, thus s/he finds more time for play, and your child becomes in touch with her/his surrounding and gets socialized.

By TIAMO education the capacities of hearing, focusing on the sound heard and memory increases.  Lesson is learned in class.  They can focus on the teacher in class, and this increases their success in all courses.

By the TIAMO education; perception, interpretation, analysis and synthesis skills develop. In the future exams the approximate period for 1 question will be about 1 minute.   Reading of a question for 2nd and 3rd time due to being unable to comprehend it means that problem of time arises during exam.    As the perception, interpretation, analysis and synthesis skills of students, whose right and left brain lobes are developed in a balanced manner, would improve they will not encounter problem of time during exams.