Brain Development

Brain Development

Both lobes of the brain have complementary functions.  “Corpus collosum” net bunch composed of intense nerve fibers exists in between two lobes.  This net is the bridge enabling continuous information exchange in between the right and left lobes of the brain. There are more than 100 billion brain cells on the brain.  Each of the memory relations and the mental activities being established composes a net layer by establishing new connections.  As the number of established connections increase, the power of mental potential also increases. 

While the right lobe functions more inclined to creativity, sensibility, sounds and colors, imagination, intuitions and abstract perceptions, the left lobe functions more inclined to logical, systematic and analytic thinking, writings and numbers, measurement, assessment and criticism.  

Individuals, who use a half of their brains better than the other, encounter difficulty when they require the abilities of the other hemisphere and they fail.  As the result of many tests, it is determined that the left lobe of the brain is superior on issues such as speaking, mathematical operations, series, numbers and analysis, and that it functions as logical and linear. 

Results of researches reveal that functions such as rhythm, imagining, colors, dimension, volume, music are being performed on the right lobe of brain. The left lobe of brain processes information as logical and linear, and the right lobe composes the artistic aspect, deals with the whole picture rather than details and the information is processed with forms and imagination.   Thus, against the left lobe that processes information in an order, it is understood that right lobe is faster and more effective in learning.

Having difficulty on remembering the names of individuals while remembering their face, indicates the effectiveness of right lobe than the left lobe on learning.  The route to fast and effective learning passes through using both lobes together and in a balanced manner.  In cases when both lobes are used, when they cohere and cooperate, extraordinary increase in personal ability and effectiveness is being observed.  

Usage of both lobes of brain in training can significantly increase the capacity of brain.  While reading, as both lobes generally have to function in a coordinated manner, reading is among the most beneficial activities for the balanced development of brain lobes. Verbal concepts being followed-up and comprehended by left lobe are depicted and are converted to forms, images and new opinion and envisaged by right lobe.

As a bird is unable to fly by a single wing, brain is unable to perform effective learning by a single lobe.