Why ages 5-12?

Why ages 5-12?

The development of human intelligence completes by 75% until age 7.  And between 7-12 this rate increases up to 95%, and the remaining 5% is being structured in our remaining life by directing our work and family life depending on the first foundation.

Abacus training, that enables the synchronous functioning of left and right lobes of the brain, is a training system that covers in between ages 5-12.  Students that are 5 years old are able to recognize and read the numbers.  Each child, who is able to recognize numbers, is able to start this training.

Each baby is born with approximately 100 billion nerve cells responsible of brain functions such as thinking, seeing and sentiment.  And in the following periods of life no new cells are being generated over these inherent 100 billion nerve cells.  Nerve cells are connected to each other by small gaps called synapse and compose groups that fulfill the various functions of brain. 

Learning ability reaches its top level in between ages 3-10, but continuous life-long.  In the first ten years abilities such as music, language, mathematics and others that will be applicable life-long are being learned.

In gymnastics opening legs by 180 degrees can be performed in between ages 4-8.  It would be very painful to succeed in this position after age 8.  In the same manner if the seeds of mathematics are not planted in a student by the ages 5-12, the student would struggle a lot in order to learn mathematics after age 12.

Thus the training plan for children shall be arranged as per this rate.

DON’T FORGET THAT! While the success rate of this training is 95% in younger ages, it is under 20% on a student being in puberty.